Dealing with permits, slots and the great variety of aircraft and passenger handling items can be challenging for foreign operators. Hongkong Jet professional Operations Team an fully assist your flights in the Asia Pacific region.

The service is perfect for:

• Small scale private jet operators
• Overseas operators who are not familiar to China and the Asia Pacific permit procedures

Scope of Services:

  • Flight Planning & Route Optimization
  • Departure & Arrival Slots
  • Overflight & Parking Permits
  • Refuelling Services
  • Weather Charts & NOTAMS Analysis
  • Weight & Balance Sheet
  • Runway Analysis (Take off & landing performance)
  • Graphical Flight Tracking & Movement Report
  • Ground Handling (FBO bookings, Passenger & Crew accommodation and ground transportation)
  • ATC Filling & Flight Plan Coordination
  • FOS system management

Maintenance and CAMO Services:
Services upon request

Charging Structure:
A surcharge of administration fee on top of actual billing.