Hongkong Jet – Our Passionate Team of Experts

Hongkong Jet is operated through a comprehensive organizational structure and a highly experienced team of aviation professionals. Under this group structure, which also includes: Deerjet, UAS, Asia Jet, Asia Jet Malaysia and Business Aviation Services Guernsey, we provide a fully integrated set-of-services that covers all aspects of aircraft ownership from the purchase of an aircraft to its replacement, as well as any interim issues. Hongkong Jet’s passionate team of experts focus their undivided attention on providing business jet owners with a safe, professional, personal and proactive service that allows each aircraft owner to realize the full potential of business jet ownership. We are highly experienced in asset value management and treat each aircraft as if it were our own. As part of the HNA Group of Companies that manages, operates and leases more than 1,100 aircraft, our clients benefit from related economy of scale efficiencies that significantly lower the cost of ownership. Across the Group, our commitment is to ensuring that aircraft ownership is as rewarding as it should be.

Our Team

Alex Jiao_Hongkong Jet
Alex Jiao Chief Executive Officer
Cherry Koo_Hongkong Jet
Cherry Koo Financial Controller
Joseph Hao_Hongkong Jet
Joseph Hao Director of Human Resources
Leo Yang_Hongkong Jet
Leo Yang Director of Client Relations
Lance Liu_Hongkong Jet
Lance Liu Director of Business Development
Romand Xu_Hongkong Jet
Romand Xu Director of Engineering and Maintenance
Ng Kong Fook_Hongkong Jet
Geoffrey Yan_Hongkong Jet
Geoffrey Yan Head of Safety, Security & Compliance

Awards and Accreditations