Press Release – Asia Jet Branding Clarification Statement

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                     

 Asia Jet Branding Clarification Statement

(8 July 2020, Hong Kong) Deerjet (Hong Kong) Business Jet Management Limited (‘’Hongkong Jet’’) has recently noticed some industrial news on the market concerning Asia Jet Malaysia. For avoidance of any possible misunderstanding, Hongkong Jet hereby declares that its wholly owned subsidiary, Asia Jet Partners Limited, is not related to any companies with the same name outside of Hong Kong, including but not limited to Asia Jet Malaysia. We hereby declare that we shall not bear any liabilities incidental to or related to the use of “Asia Jet” by such third party whether directly or indirectly incurred whatsoever.

Asia Jet Partners Limited is a Hong Kong registered company and has been the preferred private jet company since its inauguration in 2008. Offering distinguished aircraft management, charter and consultancy services to our clients. For more information, please visit

For any question, please contact us at (852) 3126 1000 or send enquiry email to


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